Once upon a time, the realization happens that wherever we are we need a way to reach a moment to ourselves. This moment could be to enjoy your happy ever after, reflect on the beautiful faces of children, bask in the awesomeness of our achievement, take a time out from our busy schedules, find some relaxation in this chaotic world, or soothe ourselves from a far away journey. Through my yoga and meditation training, I began to call this time my "Sacred Space"; a space where only we hold the magic key. It is a place that awaits our visit. It is the knowing that wherever we are, whatever we are doing we can be there in a moment; it is there for us to have. This sacred space is what I wish for all of us to understand, know, and feel. This sacred space is but a twinkle away and allows you time; time for whatever you need to center yourself and bring you a moment to take a breath.

With a request from my mom, who like millions suffers from fibromyalgia, I used my science experience and designed The Therapy Pillow. The Therapy Pillow gives your body temperature therapy, weight therapy, and aroma therapy.  All natural. No chemicals. And, renewable! A typical comment from me is, "one of my favorite experiences is watching someone place the therapy bag on their shoulders for the first time and seeing this expression come over their face of pure utter delight. The combination of the heat/cold, weight, and aroma makes the therapy corn bag an experience!".  The BEAUTIFUL insulating and easy to care for fabrics along with length of time they stay warm/cool brings anyone with ailments RELIEF!

I hope you take the risk to invest in my Therapy Pillows. I truly believe you will find comfort.

-Heather Marie Dumais, Owner

“Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. We are free to visit it, whenever we seek sanctuary. Underneath the chaos of everyday living, peace is patiently awaiting our discovery... go within.” 
― Jaeda DeWalt