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"...Just a note to tell you how much my girls and I love our aromatherapy pillows! My 9 year old daughter has always had a hard time relaxing at night and falling asleep. The smell of the pillow certainly relaxes her and calms her from a long day of being an on the go kid. My youngest daughter (7 years old) loves to put her's in her bed a few minuets ahead of time to warm it up on cooler nights. As for me, mommy always needs her time and the pillow works great on sore feet and shoulders. Thank you for making such a wonderful product made by hand and with love! Keep up the good work! "~Many thanks, Jill

"...it's so comfy and warm," - Lily, age 4. 

"Heather's corn bags are a wonderful addition to my massage therapy practice. A couple minutes in the microwave and they stay warm throughout each session. I use them to warm up sore areas in need of massage to enhance the effectiveness of my work. I have multiple bags so I always have one ready to use," -Timothy Rich, Massage Therapist.

"The warmth and weight on my body relieves my fibromyalgia pain." -Donna.

"You can feel the warmth relaxing your muscles," -Chris. 

"We keep the small rice bags in our freezer. They are perfect to lay on your eyes when you have a headache," - Chris, Leslie, and Jessica.

"The corn bag works great for me when I have leg cramps at night. I throw it in the microwave for a couple minutes and it relieves the pain so I can go back to sleep," - James.

"I loved that the heat lasted so long...almost the entire trip home which is an hour and a half. My knee felt less tired and strained after using the corn bag, and I was able to walk comfortably once I was out of my truck," - Mary D.

"My family of 5 loves the aromatherapy corn bag so much that we now have a couple of them! They are really soothing for sore muscles, menstral cramps, and my 13 year old uses it to soothe his growing pains. My favorite use though is for warming my bed up in the winter! I have had my first corn bag for 4 years and it still is in great condition and still smells great, " - Becky.

"I loved taking the corn bags, heating them up, and using them to prepare the kids' mattresses on cold days. Thanks Heather!" -Rachel.

"Hey Sacred Space! I'm about to use my Aromatherapy for my lower back. 4 minutes in the microwave for 4 HOURS of heat! Love it!" -Chris.