My scent is gone! What do I do?

We LOVE aromatherapy. The smells of lavender brings us sweet dreams. And, spearmint makes us happy and cheerful! And, even though my Therapy Pillow has the awesomeness of the the 3 lb weight therapy AND the hot or cold of the temperature therapy the AROMATHERAPY is one of our favorites!

What do you do if your essential oil aroma ceases to exist? Well, because there are NO CHEMICALS in the scents it will dissipate. This is one of the reasons why I make the pillows with STAIN FREE fabrics. Buy yourself your favorite essential oil at Whole Foods or Sprouts and drop 5-7 drops on the fabric at every use (before or after heat or freeze). The oil will NEVER stain the fabric AND you can adjust the smell to your unique nose :)

Have fun and check out the "SCENTS" drop down menu on my website to choose the oil you are in need of today. Happy smell!

Uses for the corn bag!

I LOVE listening to how clients use the corn bag! This is one of the most gratifying experiences of creating these bags. One of my clients let me know in the winter her heating bill drops because she turns the heat down at night because she heats her corn bag and places it in her bed every night. The insulation from her blankets will keep her warm throughout the night and she can wake up and still have some warmth left in the bag!!! Try it out ! It's amazing !!

Kids can be tricky in the morning! One of my clients warms her eye bag every morning (30 seconds) and gives it to her son to hold while he has his breakfest. He gets to wake up peacefully and is ready for school! Precious! Who doesn't like a happy child?!

My mom, one of the most precious people in my life, suffers from fibromyalgia. For those that have this, know of the suffering. For those of us who do not, we can only help. She warms these bags and places them on her where the pain is the worst and allows the corn bag to soothe her. The weight of the bag takes her to her sacred space. And, there is nothing I'd rather see then my mom feeling better!

Well, it turns out the corn bag is also the length of an infant! A client relayed the story to me that her child was having a hard time sleeping. She warmed the bag and laid the child along side of the lavender scented bag. The effect was amazing for her child. She swears by the corn bag!

What do you get an 80 year old man??? Turns out, A CORN BAG! A client of mine needed a present for her uncle. The feedback she has gotten from him and his caretakers are amazing! He LOVES IT! It is a constant remedy for him.

Even the toughest of the man can have the "experience" of the corn bag. A client of mine is a hard core blue collar worker. He eventually placed the mint cool corn bag on his shoulders and BOOM he was taken to his space and sat there for hours! Ha!

Teenage girls and ladies can have the most horrible monthly cramps. Place your corn bag in the microwave and soothe yourself for hours! This is one of the most popular ways to use the corn and a real useful way to enjoy the purchase!

Hyperactive child???? It is proven that warmth and weight can soothe the ADHD child. Corn bags are just that. Teachers love them! Parents search for them! A must have to help make life easier for you and your child!

And, these are just a few examples of uses of the corn bag! Please share more below and have fun being creative!!


TIPS on how to Lengthen the EFFECTS of the Aromatherapy Pillow


As with all mediums, INSULATION can lengthen your warmth or coolness of the
product. Use a blanket to cover the warm pillow and you can have up to 6-8 HOURS of

For coolness, store Aromatherapy Pillow in FREEZER proof bag (1 gallon ziploc) to help
freeze the corn and fabric. Insulate the cold pillow with a blanket and have up to 1.5-3
HOURS of coolness depending on the fabric (the thinner the fabric the shorter the
enjoyment time).

For scents, store pillow in ziploc bag for months of scent. If you would like a stronger
scent, purchase your favorite aromatherapy oil and dab some drops on the fabric after
you warm or cool. The oil WILL NOT stain the fabric and you can enjoy the smells as
you relax!

Also, keep in mind all products are natural with no chemicals. The ambient temperature/
air will effect your pillow. Coolness absorbs warm and warm absorbs coolness and
scents dissipate in the air.

Have fun and ENJOY!
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How long does an Aromatherapy Corn Bag last?

Well, I have had my aromatherapy corn pillow  for 5 years and it is still wonderfully amazing! The insulating fabric has held up. The integrity of the corn is strong. And, while the scent has faded the aroma is still soothing and relaxing.  (And, I always dab some essential oils on the pillow to keep the therapy going!) I tell ya, these corn bags are force to be reckon with. The qualities displayed in the bags are a well worth purchase that pays off really fast for your investment! 

The insulating fabric will hold its form with a simple spot clean. It can hold up to children and husbands!

The corn keeps its integrity with a tiny amount of food grade diatomaceous earth and bay leaves added at preparation.

The aromatheray scents are pure. NO CHEMICALS ADDED. The starches in the corn and the earth help keep the scents longer. 

The free scent in freezer proof bag given at purchase helps keep your chosen scent fresh for longer!!

And, your experience gifting yourself or a loved one this gift lasts indefinitely. 

Please remember 5 % of Sacred Space's annual earnings are donated to a charity. Last year the American Fibromyalgia Association was the recipent. 


Which scent do I choose???

Which scent do I choose?? This can sometimes be the overwhelming decision in your purchase of the corn bag. I love watching someone choose their scent! Keep in mind when choosing your scent what feelings, memories, or thoughts you have. It really is a lot easier then one would think.  Have fun! In order to turn the corner, here are some helpful suggestions.

Unscented is always an option. At the beginning, I would scent all bags lavender. But, I would have potential clients decline them because lavender or scents would bother their asthma or migraines or even pregnant ladies! Well, that made me sad. So, now, begone scents. All bags are unscented until you choose your aroma! 

So, I polled and these were the top choices. To me, the aromatherapy scent to choose will enhance your positive thoughts by bringing soothing memories, or happy emotions your way.

Lavender: The most popular scent of relaxation.  It is both soothing and a sedative, it helps in mood swings and headaches and is very calming; aids in restoring balance to the body and spirit.

 Fir :  Deep Relief for head and muscles tension. And, it can be transformative (changing beliefs and emotional patterns). The armoatherapy can help rheumatic pain and any kind of respiratory or sinus infections. It also conjures wonderful memories and triggers the essence of nature.

Eucalyptus - A classic remedy for respiratory complaints.  It plays a dual role in hot or cold compresses for arthritis, muscular aches and pains. 

Bergamot - Emotionally encouraging, uplifting and balancing to the spirit. This scent is a mixture of woodsy and citris. The properties provide great strength and ability to center oneself. 

Geranium - Harmonizing and balancing. Effective emotional balancer, helps with mood swings. Good for PMS. And, the images of the flower help soothe one's mind.

Lemon - Mentally refreshing and uplifting. Good fever reducer and immune system stimulant to use in treating colds and fevers. Enhances the already balanced person.

Mint - Good for reducing nausea and indigestion. Very soothing and cooling.  Clears the mind and refreshes the spirit. Great to use in the car to keep the driver alert. 

Pine -  It has a fresh, resinous, pine needle aroma.  Aromatherapy benefits: refreshing, invigorating. Conjures feeling of strength, health, and vitality.

Rosemary- A person feels more content and gives a slight boost to performance. Research shows smelling this oil can enhance a person's response time and satisfaction. 

Sage-Makes a huge impact on women's cycles, often talked about being great for cramps, heavy periods, hot flashes, hormonal imbalances, and so on, especially when used regularly.But it's also loved for many non-physical uses. It's an oil all about "clarity", giving you the ability to see clearly what is muddled, or to look ahead with vision and clarity at the possibilities.Because sage oil is an oil for dispelling confusion and illusion, it's often used on the brow and during meditation, contemplation, or creative work.

Jasmine- sedates the nervous system, so it is good for jangled nerves, headaches, insomnia, and depression and for taking the emotional edge off PMS and menopause, although keep in mind its age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac!

Grapefruit-Some of the therapeutic properties of grapefruit oil are antidepressant, antiseptic, aperitif, diuretic, disinfectant, lymphatic stimulant, tonic and anti-infectious.

Spearmint-helps in relaxing the nerves and relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. It is also used in the management of asthma, constipation, sinusitis, acne, and teeth-related problems.

Have fun choosing!!