My scent is gone! What do I do?

We LOVE aromatherapy. The smells of lavender brings us sweet dreams. And, spearmint makes us happy and cheerful! And, even though my Therapy Pillow has the awesomeness of the the 3 lb weight therapy AND the hot or cold of the temperature therapy the AROMATHERAPY is one of our favorites!

What do you do if your essential oil aroma ceases to exist? Well, because there are NO CHEMICALS in the scents it will dissipate. This is one of the reasons why I make the pillows with STAIN FREE fabrics. Buy yourself your favorite essential oil at Whole Foods or Sprouts and drop 5-7 drops on the fabric at every use (before or after heat or freeze). The oil will NEVER stain the fabric AND you can adjust the smell to your unique nose :)

Have fun and check out the "SCENTS" drop down menu on my website to choose the oil you are in need of today. Happy smell!