How long does an Aromatherapy Corn Bag last?

Well, I have had my aromatherapy corn pillow  for 5 years and it is still wonderfully amazing! The insulating fabric has held up. The integrity of the corn is strong. And, while the scent has faded the aroma is still soothing and relaxing.  (And, I always dab some essential oils on the pillow to keep the therapy going!) I tell ya, these corn bags are force to be reckon with. The qualities displayed in the bags are a well worth purchase that pays off really fast for your investment! 

The insulating fabric will hold its form with a simple spot clean. It can hold up to children and husbands!

The corn keeps its integrity with a tiny amount of food grade diatomaceous earth and bay leaves added at preparation.

The aromatheray scents are pure. NO CHEMICALS ADDED. The starches in the corn and the earth help keep the scents longer. 

The free scent in freezer proof bag given at purchase helps keep your chosen scent fresh for longer!!

And, your experience gifting yourself or a loved one this gift lasts indefinitely. 

Please remember 5 % of Sacred Space's annual earnings are donated to a charity. Last year the American Fibromyalgia Association was the recipent.