TIPS on how to Lengthen the EFFECTS of the Aromatherapy Pillow


As with all mediums, INSULATION can lengthen your warmth or coolness of the
product. Use a blanket to cover the warm pillow and you can have up to 6-8 HOURS of

For coolness, store Aromatherapy Pillow in FREEZER proof bag (1 gallon ziploc) to help
freeze the corn and fabric. Insulate the cold pillow with a blanket and have up to 1.5-3
HOURS of coolness depending on the fabric (the thinner the fabric the shorter the
enjoyment time).

For scents, store pillow in ziploc bag for months of scent. If you would like a stronger
scent, purchase your favorite aromatherapy oil and dab some drops on the fabric after
you warm or cool. The oil WILL NOT stain the fabric and you can enjoy the smells as
you relax!

Also, keep in mind all products are natural with no chemicals. The ambient temperature/
air will effect your pillow. Coolness absorbs warm and warm absorbs coolness and
scents dissipate in the air.

Have fun and ENJOY!
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